Friday, October 1, 2010

Everest Challenge - Podium!

Annie Malouin - 3rd
The Everest Challenge (aka the California-Nevada Climbing Championship) is a two day event held in Bishop, CA and Annie traveled on her own to compete in the women's P1/2 race. The first day starts at 4,425' with the first climb to Mosquito Flat (22 miles long with an average grade of 5%). At 10,250', it is the highest paved road in the Sierras. The race then travels back down to Round Valley for an 8 mile climb up Pine Creek to 7,420'. Finally, the route goes up Bishop Creek to 9,835' in 20.4 miles, average grade 6% with a last mile the contains two short sections around 15%. L'ouch! Annie finished 3rd on stage 1 and although she was pleased with her result, she was surprised to see that the women finishing in front of them had mtb gears......
Stage 2 starts at 3,940' and climb ups towards the Palisade Glacier which is the most southern glacier in North America, finishing at 7,800'. The climb is 9 miles with an average grade of almost 8%-max is 11%. The next climb is 8.5 miles and heads up Death Valley Road through Waucoba Canyon to an elevation of 6,545' with an average grade of 5%. To race finishes with a climb up White Mountain to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest at 10,100' in 21 miles-average grade 6%.

Wow - that's 29, 035 ft of climbing and over 200 miles in two days. Congrats on another podium Annie!

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