Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Challenge Road Race - Win!

Susannah Breen - 1st
Annie Malouin - 2nd
Held in Challenge, Ca. the 2010 District Road Race Championship course included 6000 ft. of climbing and covered 65 miles. Knowing that having a teammate could make all the difference in the outcome, Susannah was very thankful that Annie was willing to make the trip for the race with all the other teammates out of town. Annie has been a dedicated teammate all season and her willingness to sacrifice in Sunday's race was no exception. Annie kept near the front while Susannah tested her legs on the climbs. Everything was going as planned and the two watched the other riders on the first lap. On the 2nd lap Annie started the attacks on the rolling section and Susannah countered to test the group. About 4 miles from the finish, another rider finally attacked and Susannah went with her and the gap was open to the rest of the field. Seeing hesitation in the group, SBB attacked up the next climb, lost her break-mate, and kept the pace high until the finish. Annie followed the other riders while they chased and then pounced, coming in 2nd place! It was a perfect race for the team.
Many thanks to Mark Deterline for driving the follow-car and also ensuring the women had fresh bottles in the feed-zone. All the Wells Fargo P/1/2 women use Base Performance Sports Nutrition products in their bottles for training and racing. Annie and Susannah both recommend the Base Amino, especially for long rides and races. Seriously - get some, you will notice the difference.

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