Friday, July 30, 2010

Cascade Cycling Classic - Recap!

Emily Kachorek - 9th

The 31st annual Bend Memorial Clinic Cascade Cycling Classic was held July 20-25, 2010. Emily traveled to Bend, Oregon to guest-ride with another Nor-Cal based women's program, Touchstone Climbing and Fitness Cycling Team. Over the 5 day event, Emily showed what we have been watching all season in NorCal - that she is ready to take her cycling to the next level.

Following the opening prologue event, EEK finished 7th at the McKenzie Pass Road Race along-side some of the best riders in the US, including Alison Powers (Team VBF) and Meredith Miller (Team TIBCO), thus catapulting herself into a top-10 in the general classification. Over the next four stages, Emily was able to maintain her placing in the top-10 with help from the other Touchstone riders. At the end of the 6 day event, Emily moved into 9th. We are proud of Emily's accomplishments and we want to thank the Touchstone Climbing and Fitness Cycling Team for taking such good care of her for the event!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Diamond Valley Road Race - Podium!

Annie Malouin - NCNCA 30+ District Road Race Champion!!! 
The Diamond Valley Road Race was once again the course for Master's District Championships, so Cody and Annie raced together in the 30+ field. They kept the pace high on the first 2 laps and whittled the field down to half its original size. On the third lap, CCG drove the pace coming into and up the first hill,  allowing Annie, Marley (35+), and Giana (40+) to get away with attacks on the second hill. By the time the other 30+ rider in the group started chasing, the break of 3 had a good gap and it continued to grow.  CCG rode a perfect team race in the small chase group with 3 other riders and sprinted for 2nd in the 30+ category. Congrats Annie, on a wonderful accomplishment and to Cody for another great contribution to the team.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Colavita NorCal Grand Prix - Podium!

Cody Graf - 2nd
Held in Novato, Ca. the Colavita NorCal Grand Prix was another great race for the team. Master's rider, Jennie Phillips joined Annie, Cody, and Susannah for the 60 minute event.   Annie started things off, by attacking first and forcing other teams to chase. Cody was in the next group that got a small gap on the field, but it was quickly absorbed and Annie could see that the group was tired and directed SBB to attack, and she was joined by another rider. SBB continued to attack the field and was joined by various other riders during the race. Jennie, Annie, and Cody followed other teams as they chased. With 3 laps to go, SBB was back in the group and the team was ready for the sprint. On the final lap, Annie attacked on the back-side uphill and a huge re-shuffle occurred. Cody was ready, maintained her position near the front, and unleashed her awesome sprint for 2nd! Cody is a selfless teammate and has been instrumental in many of our other riders high finishes all season long. Congrats CCG - we are so proud of you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lodi Cycle Fest - Podium!

Emily -2nd
Susannah - 5th
Catherine - 15th
Catherine, Emily, and Susannah made the trip to Lodi, Ca. for the 2nd Annual Lodi Cycle Fest. Held in downtown Lodi the 0.8 mile, figure 8 course with tight turns, good pavement and a brick finishing straight promised to be a good event for the team. SBB kept the pace high and chased down a couple of early attacks, setting EEK and CRG up perfectly for a counter-attack. As EEK and CRG's gap continued to grow, Mary Maroon (Touchstone) made the move to bridge and joined the two Wells Fargo riders. The three worked well together and CRG took a few last digs before dropping back to help SBB block in the main pack. Despite a few ladies working hard to try and bring back Emily and Mary, they finally gave up with about two laps to go. Emily attacked early, but Mary was able to chase her down and outsprint her at the finish. SBB kept the pace high for the final-lap and still managed 5th and CRG 15th - all in the money!!!!

San Rafael Twilight 2010

The San Rafael Twilight criterium didn't go as well as the ladies hoped. Things started well, with Emily getting a call-up and a perfect starting position.
Things looked good as Emily kept pace near the front of the race and got into a promising break with all the right riders - Olivia Dillon and Katherine Carroll (PB&Co), Tyler Stewart (Luna), Mary Maroon (Touchstone), and Megan Gaurnier (Tibco).
Although the break had some of the strongest women in the race, they were not all willing to get organized. As they were brought back by the main pack, Katherine Carroll attacked and would stay clear for 25 laps and get the well-deserved win. Tibco and 3rd Pillar did most of the chasing, but Carroll's gap held. By the time lap cards started to show, the gap was only 15 seconds and SBB contributed to the chase, until this happened to her rear shifter-cable....
Oh yeah, and did we mention that Cody spent the previous 10 days off the bike working on a top-secret project for her work!
The girls finished in the pack but were a bit frustrated with the race. Sometimes that happens, but in the end they were all happy to have participated in the event and looked forward to the next race.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tour of the California Alps - Death Ride

On Sat. July 10, 2010 our very own Annie Malouin conquered the famed Death Ride. Located in the California Alps, the course covers 129 miles with 15,000ft. of climbing.

 Annie looks like she is having way too much fun for a ride that long and hard.....oh yeah, and she was the fastest female finisher for the 2010 event. Cal-Cup here we come!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Davis - 4th of July Criterium

Emily - 7th

This was Emily's first race back in NorCal since her Nature Valley Grand Prix adventure. EEK didn't miss a beat and continued where she left off prior to NVGP, riding strong and aggressively over the short, technical course in downtown Davis.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Leesville Gap RR

Leesville Gap is one of the classic races on the NorCal calendar, because once you are about 10 miles into the 65 mile loop -- you wonder why you are doing it -- this year was no exception for Susannah, Annie, and Catherine. Rural roads in horrible condition, one major climb, and some gravel sections are easily forgotten every year for some reason - why is that?

The race started well, with the ladies driving the pace through the rough road section, which also included a new and very deep gravel section this year, to the base of the climb. SBB was first over the climb, with two other riders chasing and one more that would eventually join them, making a break of 4 riders that would finish together. Nicole, from Touchstone, was the driving force in the group and all her hard work on the day was rewarded by the win. Well done, Nicole. Susannah over-thought the finish and ended up 4th, with Annie and Catherine finishing 6th and 7th.

Despite a disappointing finish, SBB was excited that her EDGE 45 Carbon Clinchers were perfect in the rough conditions and felt fantastic over the gravel and up the climb. Edge Carbon is not just for smooth roads.......