Monday, June 28, 2010

Chico Stage Race - Podium!

Susannah - 2nd
Cody - 3rd
Annie - 4th
Catherine - 5th
The Chico Stage Race began with a 90 mile RR in 100+ degree weather. Countless water-bottles later, the 4 ladies savored the days 1-2 finish by SBB and CCG while sitting in the Butte River (sorry, no pictures) discussing the race. What do you you think about over the last 30 miles of a 90 mile event in brutal heat and a looming 4 mile gravel section? We all had different responses, but Catherine's was by far the most entertaining and kept us laughing all weekend - check it!
Later, the girls headed to downtown Chico. In order to stay in full recovery mode they got a preview of the course via a local pedal-cab that looked like this....
The driver was not sure about all 4 ladies being able to fit -- especially since they had large cups of frozen yogurt in hand. But he was a good sport and the girls felt good about the crit course.
On Sunday, the 45 minute criterium was over quickly with SBB and CCG gaining additional time bonuses by finishing 2nd and 3rd. Annie and Catherine continued their selfless riding from the previous day's RR and set SBB and CCG up perfectly for another good finish heading into the afternoon TT. The decisive 10 mile time trial went well, but none of the ladies were able to match TT specialist Molly VH........but everyone went home happy with a weekend of good teamwork, excellent training, and lots of laughter in the books.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nevada City Classic - 50th Anniversary Edition

Susannah - 7th
Cody - 10th
SBB and CCG raced the Nevada City Classic on Sunday, June 20th. This is one of the oldest, longest running races in the country and riders come from all over the US to participate in the event which travels over a 1.1 mile course through historic downtown Nevada City. The race was won by three-time Olympian, Luna Pro team rider Katerina Nash.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mt. Diablo Hill Climb - Podium!

Annie Malouin - 3rd

Congrats Annie - on an excellent ride up Mt. Diablo. Annie is wearing our lululemon Remix Hoodie and a pair of lululemon Groove Pants prior to today's race. If you didn't already know - lululemon also sponsors Team Saxo Bank, one of the most dominant male professional cycling teams in the last few years. Read more about their partnership on the lululemon blog.

 Thanks to all the riders that came and participated in the event. We appreciate the support and hope you had a good time today.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mt. Diablo Hill Climb - June 12th!

Register now!!!!!

The Mt. Diablo Hill Climb is an excellent event for cyclists of all kind - everyone is welcome. The team will be racing and working the event, so join us this Saturday for a great challenge up one of the most beautiful climbs in NorCal. Please visit sportsbaseonline to register for the event. See you Saturday.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mt. Hamilton, rewind....

Annie - 14th
Catherine - 15th
Annie, Catherine, and Susannah went to the Mt. Hamilton Classic last weekend and enjoyed some serious competition over the epic, 65 mile course. Riders from SoCal made the trip up to NorCal for the event along with many of the local professional riders like Shelly Evans, Alison Starnes, and Megan Guarnier. The race starts in San Jose, at the base of Mt. Hamilton and climbs 4,500' in 20 miles to the top of Mt. Hamilton and then continues 43 miles through remote ranch lands to the finish in Livermore, Ca. Many thanks to all those that supported the girls for this race, including our Wells Fargo teammates Mark D. and Nick O.