Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cal Aggie Criterium - WIN!

Emily made it happen - our first win of the 2010 season. Cody also made the podium, for a consecutive 3rd place this weekend. Congrats to awesome team work at both races.
Photo courtesy of 2010 MYi2U™

Meanwhile, down in SoCal.....
SBB and CRG met up for warm weather training rides and some coffee too - Peet's of course. We look forward to having CRG at a few of the NorCal races in March. Until then, she will be making us proud representing the black and gold in SoCal races starting this weekend.

Folsom Bicycles Plus Criterium - Podium

Cody Graf - 3rd

Annie and Cody raced together against an entire 14 rider Touchstone team and a few other competitors Saturday in Folsom, Ca. Despite being outnumbered, the ladies worked together so that Cody made the decisive break = 5 Touchstone + Cody. Touchstone attempted many times to shake Cody but she foiled their plans, making them work for the win. Cody remained calm despite a Touchstone rider finally getting off the front of the break and waited for the final sprint in which she secured 3rd place. Annie rode an excellent support race and showed her incredible dedication to teamwork.

Friday, January 22, 2010

smp saddles -- designed on your body

The Wells Fargo Pro/1/2 riders are very thankful to Albabici and Selle SMP for sponsoring us again in 2010. This is our third year on SMP models, and we have enjoyed watching their rise to prominence. These saddles are true Italian works of genius - they give all the support you need in a long, hard race without any of the pressure!

These are the some of the most scientific saddles available and once you have ridden one, you will understand how unique they are. Whether it's a fast and technical crit, rolling road race, or grueling climb, these seats allow us to focus on what's really important: going fast.

SMP offers an entire line of saddles; there’s an ideal one for every rider. Annie and Emily will be on the Evolution for 2010, while Cody, Catherine, and Susannah will be rocking Gliders.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Team Training Ride - Auburn, Ca

Annie, Cody, and Susannah recently met up in Auburn, Ca for a beautiful ride in the Sierra Foothills.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Let the Games Begin....

Happy New Year - the 2010 season has officially started.

We recently discovered that all the riders on the P1/2 team grew up with Moms that worked as RN's - except for SBB who is an RN. Interesting coincidence - and perhaps one of the reasons it all works on this team. Stay tuned for all the other reasons as the season gets underway.